Saturday, October 06, 2007


Links for 2007-10-06

  • Diversity = Innovation
    I am somewhat frustrated that folks are abusing the word diversity and using it to mean anything. If one of my son's was born with straight hair and the other with curly, does that mean that my family is diverse? I wonder why folks can't use simple measurements such as race, nationality, religion, gender, political beliefs and more well understood concepts to measure diversity?

  • SOA Talent is Key
    I wonder if I could ask the Agile Elephant if he could define the word talent as this has different meanings to different folks. I know at times that even I use it in a politically incorrect way.

  • Social Etiquette in blogging
    Having etiquette is important, but having a open, honest, transparent conversation in the blogosphere even at the expense of etiquette is more important.

  • Leading in the technical environment
    I wonder why more folks aren't talking about the lack of strong technical leadership in modern IT and still believe that process can be a substitute for competence?

  • Submitting proposal requests to ECM vendors
    This is another example of a bad practice being encouraged by industry analysts. Have they ever considered that maybe you should drop RFPs altogether and instead simply figure out whether software works? Consider for a moment that most industry analysts are insular and closed in their thinking because they only focus on closed source. I wonder what would happen if we all started sending RFPs to Apache?

  • Hesitation from Relying Parties
    Ashish mentions that consumerish websites probably don't use web access management products which I also believe to be true. The key takeway though is that Information Cards and CardSpace are also useful in a B2B scenario where Web Access Management products are used and vendors such as IBM, CA, BMC, Oracle and Sun need to step up and put it into their product and not require customers to pull out the SDK.

  • ECM Standards
    At some level, it is interesting that ECM vendors are finally talking to each other but this is not really a standard but more of a common dictionary. I guess that of course providing the link to the work vs the press release would be a start.

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