Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Links for 2007-10-03

  • Open letter to the CardSpace team
    Ashish Jain is spot on in terms of his open letter to the CardSpace team. I especially agree that CardSpace startup is too slow. Part of the slowness is more than likely attributable due to the fact that it is built on .NET and is not a traditional compiled application. In terms of Ashish's comments on relying parties seeing no reason to support Cardspace may have to do with several factors that are not exclusive to Microsoft. Many web sites use Web Access Management products such as Siteminder, CoreID, Tivoli Access Manager and so on and if the products don't support CardSpace then they are out of luck. Maybe Ashish needs to call out these vendors?

  • Microsoft SharePoint and Records Management Opinions
    Andrew Chapman at some level gets it twisted by thinking that compliance is something that can be built into a product. I wonder if he has ever read the most wonderful post by Laurence Hart on Retention across the enterprise?

  • Are industry analysts doing their part to respond to open source?
    I would be ecstatic to hear enterprise architects and others in the blogosphere provide feedback to Alex Fletcher of Entiva on coverage of open source. I would have expected the likes of James Governor, Michael Tiemann, Raven Zachary, Eric Newcomer, Rob Davies, Eric Roch, Brian Moselely, Eric Barroca and others to chime in.

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