Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Links for 2007-10-02

  • Security drives open source technology deployment
    The top most influential factor for deploying open source technology in Australia, Korea, India and the People's Republic of China is better protection against security breaches

  • Rants from Gartner
    Putting on a high quality conference is pretty tough.

  • Questions you should ask yourself about your career
    One day I will get around to posting my own answers

  • Airlines and EA
    I think that John Gotze is onto something. The notion of peer review across enterprises. I suspect that many of my peers would be game to review the gameplan for Bestbuy, Starbucks and Boeing where there is no competition amongst business models

  • The value of architecture
    Casimir Artmann states that the value of enterprise architecture is zero. At some level, he is correct.

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