Monday, October 01, 2007


Links for 2007-10-01

  • Retention across the enterprise
    I wonder if this is an opportunity for folks in the ECM World to not only create standards but for ECM to finally start leading the direction of other technology verticals?

  • Enterprise Architecture, Email and Collaboration Patterns
    It was my thought to lead a revolt at work by encouraging my peers to demand more email storage space. Why do I have the ability to store more email on free accounts such as gmail and Yahoo than at work? What is your work email quota?

  • When PKI meets the real world
    I am one that thinks that PKI still has merit in some situations. The area of focus for PKI should be on email encryption where enterprises securely exchange email with their partners using TLS and S/MIME while avoiding non-interoperable closed source proprietary solutions from folks such as PGP, Tumbleweed, Zix and others.

  • Privacy Management in Enterprises?
    I really hate posts such as these as they start with technology discussions and abstract notions such as policies while ignoring simple facts of business. Have you ever considered that some industries simply couldn't function if privacy were so pervasive? Consider what happens when you win the Lottery and decide to buy yourself and me a Porsche Boxster. If you spend cash, you will have your privacy violated by the Patriot to ensure that you aren't laundering money. If you pay by credit, folks will be able to see everyone else you have done business with in the past. Likewise, you will need insurance on your Porsche Boxster where they will also check with the Department of Motor Vehicles to tell how many accidents you have gotten into. They will also check into past claims you have filed even if it was with another insurance carrier. How about a conversation that talks about the business model of privacy first?

  • Who Are All These Identity Working Groups and What Are They Doing?
    Johannes Ernst has compiled the most wonderful list of identity initiatives. Check it out.

  • Federated Access Manager
    Seems like the folks over at Sun have moved ahead of Oracle by supporting XACML within the same product as traditional access management. I wonder how folks from BMC and CA feel being in second place?

  • Deleting a user from the Documentum Repository
    What has Craig Randall been up to? I hope he has been busy working on the issue posted by Sarath Akkineni who mentions that deleting a user from the repository is highly not recommended? Maybe folks should whenever they terminate a disgruntled employee, simply remove access through other means and hope that they don't figure a way around it. This feels secure to me. Not!

  • ECM Market Snapshot
    Sumanth Molakala posted the Gartner magic quadrant for ECM. He did note that Gartner discriminates against open source, so you won't see Nuxeo listed. He also didn't mention his beliefs as to whether vendors should be rated on their ability to participate as part of an Enterprise SOA.

  • Compliance Oriented Architectures
    I really would love to see James Governor of Redmonk participate in this most meaningful conversation. Bex steals the opportunity to mention the Oracle Records Management product suite as a solution to compliance orientation. While I know he probably isn't an expert in this suite, I wonder what his perspective is as to whether there should be an industry standard in this space? Could he envision where products one day will have the notion of an agent built in and Oracle is the central brain of sorts controlling retention policies? Could he envision Oracle's records management being interoperable with EMC and vice versa? Does he envision Oracle providing guidance to help the open source community build the notion of retention agents into their applications?

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