Friday, October 19, 2007


Interesting Blog Statistics

I spent some time analyzing traffic to my blog and discovered something interesting...

Over the last year, the amount of daily readers of my blog has tripled, yet my technorati rank is going down. This means that folks like to read what I write but are sometimes afraid to comment. In looking at the IP addresses, a lot more traffic is originating from Fortune enterprises which means that folks within them are starting to take an interest in bloggers.

Earlier incoming blog links were mainly from software vendors but these have mostly disappeared since I have started writing more about open source and calling many of them out for not being thoughtful regarding security. I also used to receive a lot of incoming links from industry analysts but this too is on the decline since I also have been calling them out lately in the name of transparency.

Should I scale back my attacks? emphatically NO! It is important that someone in the blogosphere maintain a level of open, honest communication and not be a puppet for software vendors who manipulate every word they say.

The funny thing is that I have absolutely nothing to sell. No thinly veiled blog entries disguised as insight in order to hype a product. No being cordial because I as an industry analyst may offend a current or potential customer. I haven't even been smart enough as a book author to use my blog to promote books I have written such as Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures. I only use this blog for sharing my thoughts on the human aspects of technology and encouraging folks to periodically think about poverty. Am I too altruistic?

James Governor frequently talks about declarative living and it brings me joy to know that I am one of the few living it...

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