Sunday, October 07, 2007


Enterprise Architecture: Struggling to find top talent?

Whenever I hear others talk about how hard it is to find top talent, I always ask them whether they have taken any of the nebulous advice from folks who advocate indian outsourcing...

Top talent wants to work with other top talent and the simple fact of outsourcing makes this possibility disappear. I wonder why folks don't ever ask themselves whenever they are struggling to find top talent, if the reason is outsourcing tends to result more in mentoring than in having a conversation of peers?

Maybe they should also consider the fact that Indian outsourcing firms have encouraged a process-orientation with the mantra of CMM. Haven't they figured out that in order to find top talent you must focus on people over process?

Ask yourself, would you rather work for an enterprise that is pursuing CMMi certification or one that has embraced Agile methods for software development? While you are at it, would you want to work for an enterprise that places strong emphasis on perception management or one that respects and acknowledges technical excellence and demonstrated ability...

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