Thursday, October 25, 2007


Enterprise Architecture: So, exactly what is leadership?

Is leadership a word that can be used interchangeably with the word management or is it something more meaningful?

Why is leadership important? Why not just focus on doing your work and running the company and quit worrying about all this leadership stuff?

The answer is actually simple. This is the age of the knowledge worker. Attracting talented people and enabling them to work effectively to fulfill the organization's goals is the single most important activity of today's modern enterprise. Now, more than ever, enterprises need to focus on making profits in a responsible way(I guess this rules out offshoring of IT) and that is best achieved by attracting and retaining good workers.

Most magazines such as InformationWeek and CIO have gotten it twisted to think that leadership is about a particular individual with a C-Level title. Knowledge workers are now more important than innovative ideas. Let's be honest in acknowledging the rate of change in business today is not suffering from lack of innovation, financial assets and physical assets (e.g. factories and raw materials, inventory) but lack of the right people in key positions...

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