Sunday, October 14, 2007


Enterprise Architecture: It's long overdue that a recruiter called with an interesting position...

I tend to know about every opening for Enterprise Architects in America as recruiters tend to use advanced tools such as Google search and LinkedIn where my name almost always comes up first. Most of the time, the positions they contact me about are uninteresting insular positions within large enterprises that have zero notion of community nor focus on the human aspects of technology.

Last week, my phone rang with a recruiter that called about a position that was interesting or at least had interesting characteristics. First, the position was with a company that actually participates in the open source community. Second, the position was primarily based on telecommuting. In fact, the individual that this position reports to also reports to telecommutes. Three, it paid more than I currently make and most importantly they have genuine strong technical leadership and not the usual process weenie IT executives found elsewhere.

My horizons would most certainly be expanded in that influence is traditionally thought of in context of face-to-face interactions. Doing this over the phone or via email feels intriguing at some level but also nerve wrecking at another. I guess I have gotten used to more syncronous interactions, at least in a work context and would feel naked without them.

I would love to hear from others in the blogosphere, especially enterprise architects that 100% telecommute as I have never run across one in my travels. Likewise, I wonder if this type of position is the only one of its kind or am I simply not LinkedIn to the right recruiters?

NOTE: I am NOT looking for a new position but am always open to learning of new opportunities to learn and grow.

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