Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Enterprise Architecture: Conversations vs Presentation

I bet you didn't know that most enterprise architects are delusional in thinking that they have lots of conversations when it reality they simply do lots of presentations...

In order to untwist the usage of these distinct words, it becomes important to understand the distinction between the two. A conversation is to achieve a flow of meaning as compared with breaking down one side of an argument (debate). Having diverse opinions, yet still getting along. A presentation is more about getting all folks on the same page and discouraging diverse opinions.


  • Listen to others. Follow their line of thinking, feel what they feel.
  • Suspend your certainties. Take a step back, allow yourself to think about both sides of contradictions
  • Respect opposing views. Redirect the force behind them.

  • Voice your opinion. Dig deep to find what you have say.

  • Process:

  • We have to break out of the initial polite phase to raise conflicts
  • The conflict phase has to move from debate into self reflection (don't retreat!) controlling egos, leads to generative inquiry then the magic begins, the meaning starts flowing; we are having a conversation.

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