Monday, October 29, 2007


American's and the Environment

Many American's think global warming is a serious concern, but don't ask them to make personal sacrifices to help fight it...

At some level, American's have outsourced the destruction of land to far away places such as India and China where the poor will do anything regardless of morale conscious in order to make a living. Indian outsourcing is driven off the mental model that we shall eliminate all tasks which can be commoditized so that we can focus on higher value work.

George Alexander left an interesting comment in my blog that is worthy of analysis:Stealing so-called best practices from America will provide many third-world countries who aren't capable of innovating on their own, exactly what they deserve.
This is what happens when you put folks named George in charge.

Yes, I fully agree that most environmentally conscious folks do some brain dead things. Maybe, we need to call out American corporations who will allow their jobs to be outsourced to India yet won't let their own employees work from home. This could save more resources than eliminating joy riding.
What would happen if bloggers in India decided to actually use their blogs for good and call out us Americans for this waste instead of exercising their right to remain silent? How often do you think I hear of peers with 3,000 square feet homes (or larger) complaining that they don't have enough space and that they don't make enough money. A healthy dose of reality in how folks in other parts of the planet live would most certainly help...

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