Tuesday, September 04, 2007


More Links for 2007-09-04

  • Blue Max 2200 PSI Pressure Washer
    Amazon has for $136.95 for all you tool fans

  • Free online course for Sun Java System Identity Manager
    Sun evangelist Sang Shin is teaching this course, so I know it will rock. Too bad he isn't teaching security patterns

  • User-Centric may also mean user-responsible
    Jeff Bohren talks about a problem where the notion of attestation and indemnification of identity seems to be a missing characteristic in many OpenID providers. The problem is that OpenID providers will not take on risk unless they also take on revenue which may resort to something uglier like charging per dereference

  • Open source organization seeks pro-bono attorney
    I wonder if I could convince Bruce Perens to move open source away from those liberal left coasters towards conservative New England as I know of several whom would gladly volunteer. Sadly, though none of the lawyers I know are part of the California bar

  • Charlene Li of Forrester
    Mastery of silence is sometimes is the last resort for many

  • Insights into Enterprise Architecture Tools
    Mike Walker comments on the incomplete view that pretty much all EA tools provide and acknowledge that they have a long way to go before they are ready for primetime. I wonder if there are any bloggers from Troux, Popkin, Agilense, Alfabet or others that could provide an alternative perspective?

  • Preferences and Entitlements
    Have you noticed that Jeff Bohren, Nishant Kaushik and other identity bloggers are remaining silent on Shekhar Jha most wonderful posting?

  • Why Gartner Analysts don't blog
    I wonder if other analysts are happy that Gartner doesn't understand how to participate in a larger context?

  • The software side of IT
    I wonder why Gartner only looked at gender diversity and not racial diversity? Both are trending in the wrong direction

  • Too much outsourcing caused Mattell Recall Problem
    I won't mention which Indian outsourcing firm runs IT but you could probably speculate and get it right

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