Monday, September 03, 2007


Links for Labor Day 2007

  • Bridge Building and IT failures
    Good to see that others are starting to acknowledge that IT doesn't fail because of political restrictions on products (aka rationalization), changing requirements or limited budgets. I wonder if folks can attribute failure of IT on the fact that more folks nowadays are focused on perception management over reality, processes over people, management by magazine and using process as a substitute for competence?

  • Documentum Foundation Services
    I ran across a presentation from Craig Randall where he outlines the notion of an object service. I am curious if it is good form to make namespaces read like Java classes? One slide also shows the notion of a SessionID. Maybe I am confused in that Web Services should be stateless?

  • What is the difference between systems analyst and enterprise architect?
    Jeremy Miller gets it twisted by classifying all enterprise architects into the same bucket and reads into my blog by stating there is more focus on business process engineering and IT strategy than technology. If I blog about the lack of secure coding for technology procured by large enterprises, is that strategy or technology? Can folks assume that my blog represents what I do at work in terms of time management and that I don't spend time helping folks write better code because I am too busy drawing high-level Powerpoint all day? While I can say that I have ran across more than my fair share of enterprise architects who doesn't know one iota about technology, I can surely say that pretty much all of my enterprise architect peers at work are also the best technologists.

  • Applying lean to application development and maintenance
    Good to see the folks over at McKinsey thinking about lighter weight processes. I wonder why you never hear about bloggers from Wipro or Accenture talking about agility?

  • Another horrific ECM WSDL
    In the past, I have written about Horrific WSDL in the ECM Domain where this one is from Nuxeo. Should a consumer be expected to know what string_1 represents? I am still awaiting the opportunity to see the Documentum D6 WSDL. I surely hope that it feels like it can participate in a larger context and is not a sloppy wrapper on top of proprietary Documentum APIs. Maybe Craig Randall in the future could speak to WSDL design considerations in an upcoming blog entry.

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