Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Links for 2007-09-25

  • ECM 2.0
    Jed Cawthorne asks what ECM 2.0 will look like. I am of the belief that it will look no different than ECM 1.0. Security will still be weak. There will be no interoperability and vendors in this space still will create horrific WSDL. 2.0 in the ECM world will be more of a branding exercise than a value proposition.

  • Managing tough security projects
    In my travels, I have heard dozens of folks talk about the difficulty of rolling out identity management tools where one of the biggest problems is in how the tools make you jump through hoops, don't support all the products an enterprise has and most importantly don't interoperate very well with existing security managers such as RACF, ADAM, etc. I wonder when transparency in conversation around tools from Sun, Oracle, BMC and others will occur in the blogosphere?

  • 40% of today's enterprise architecture programs will be stopped
    My peers in other enterprises are too busy having coffee clutch conversations with their business partners and focusing on perception management while not paying the needed attention to ROI. Sooner or later, many programs will be shut down and I will be esctatic when it happens.

  • New Rules for SOA
    I love the quote, SOA is not EA. The problem though is if folks realize what SOA truly is, the sales of vendor projects may go way way down and they will have to hype something else in order to stay in business.

  • Architecture Tweets
    The notion of the skip-level is simply fugly when enterprise architects participate. The funny thing is in prior conversations with one of the large enterprises across the street, I remember a couple of EAs telling me that they have never talked to their VP whereas a week doesn't go buy where I haven't chatted with at least one SVP. The notion of skip levels need to be shot and we need to help executives communicate downward better.

  • Paying for SOA
    More discussions around the economic model for SOA need to occur in the blogosphere.

  • Six sure fire ways to sink your enterprise architecture
    Brenda Michelson, noted industry analyst of Elemental Links calls out us enterprise architects. Maybe in a future blog entry, she can talk more about point five and how it compares/contrasts with perception management which is so freakin disgustingpopular nowadays.

  • 450 analyst firms get less than half their revenue from vendors
    If vendors are frustrated with paying Gartner higher fees while they also feel that analysts lack deep domain knowledge, the question is why aren't they seeking alternatives? If you want to understand the mindset of an enterprise buyer, why not simply post questions in your blog and pay a bounty in the form of a charitable contribution to a worthy charity for whomever from a large enterprise responds?

  • You can keep your business language: that's not meaningful conversation
    I wonder if James Governor understands at some level that folks in large enterprises are increasingly being encouraged to have less meaningful conversations by speaking in the tone of the business language. According to sage wisdom, this helps IT align with the business. I of course believe we are giving the business the business

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