Friday, September 14, 2007


Links for 2007-09-14

  • To be or not to be an identity provider?
    One should never research the notion of the business model of identity providers from scratch when there are many already in existence. How about starting with Securities Hub to not only understand the business model of being an identity provider but why it matters in an industry vertical context which most identity bloggers pretend don't exist.

  • The ECM Blogosphere
    Laurence is spot on in his thoughts on the lack of collaboration in the ECM domain. Laurence is primarily focused on Documentum and the only employee of this firm that blogs is Craig Randall who thinks that collaboration means press release and not conversation. I wonder if other EMC employees will step up and fill in this gap?

  • Outsourcing IT to unlikely places, like America
    Imagine folks coming to their senses and thinking about outsourcing as being more than a strategy around rate arbitrage and instead focusing on high quality talent at reasonable prices.

  • ECM and Records Management
    I am starting to like Jesse Wilkins. I actually know what Alchemy is. I have heard others talk about hijacking Xerox metacode and converting it so that it could be stored in an ECM platform. I wonder though why should someone use products such as Alchemy, Mobius and Hyland when they could shove it into Nuxeo, Documentum or Alfresco? I think the notion of data-level integration in this space is worthy of a separate conversation and hope that Billy Cripe, Bex Huff and Laurence Hart can help shape this answer better. I would think to get this right, it would require all of these vendors to make their data models more open and even provide specifications in terms of record formats, compression and encryption routines and so on? In terms of document-level deduplication, my thought was a little different. Let's say you are ATT and you have hundreds of millions of cell phone bills stored. Much of the text within each bill is common where only the the actual amount you need to pay along with customer specific information changes. If you are hijacking printstreams then you may have an opportunity to not store all that common stuff redundantly and save tons of disk space

  • Bush on Iraq: Satan’s Codpiece Speaks
    We need to stand up and stop the bushitler...

  • Why open source communities continue to thrive (and what other communities can learn from it)
    I am excited to see one industry analyst (Alex Fletcher) understand the importance of secure coding practices and its need within the open source community. I will donate $100 each to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund if Nick Malik, James Governor and Guy Kawasaki in their names, if they blog about this important topic within the next week.

  • Leading in the Technical Environment
    Thanks for your support

  • Using SOA to align IT with itself
    Jeff is onto something. We spend way too much time talking about aligning with the business without getting our IT house in order. His advice is worthy of forwarding via corporate email

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