Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Links for 2007-09-12

  • Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain Rename Tools
    Would be interested in networking with individuals who have used this tool in a production environment within a large enterprise

  • Keep Your Job From Being 'Bangalored'
    I am curious when Bangaloring will occur in the world of industry analysts?

  • When Free is the right strategy for analysts
    Does anyone know if Nick Gall of Gartner has ever discussed this concept with his employer?

  • Ease of Participation as a success indicator
    Industry analyst Alex Fletcher discusses the need for ease of participation in the world of open source and uses Alfresco as an example. It was my early thought to contribute to Alfresco in two forms. First, Alfresco currently doesn't practice any form of Secure Coding and therefore a cleanup of the code base is important. Secondarily, I wanted to add support for the ability to externalize authorization and provide a choice other than the fugly ACL model so indoctrinated in the world of ECM so that it would be more interoperable with BPM, ERP and CRM products. There is one flaw that Alex didn't mention and that is in order to participate the code base has to be 100% available and Alfresco simply doesn't meet this minimal standard.

  • Rejoining the ECM conversation
    I am glad to see that Jesse Wilkins is game to have a conversation around standards in the world of ECM. One of the topics he proposes is on records management. As I have disclaimed, my day job tends to be more focused on security, SOA and software development where I don't have any interaction with what happens in the world of ECM except where they diverge from security, SOA and software development. Since, he talks about records management, I will make it a personal interest of mines to first figure out all the definitions for what records management means, form some thoughts in terms of what my employer is doing in this space, network with my peers in other enterprises and hopefully share my thoughts in hopes of not only a deeper dialog can emerge but also that some requirements for Stellent, Documentum, Filenet, Alfresco, Nuxeo and others will emerge. Conversations are nice, but it is nicer to see things implemented. I do hope that Billy Cripe, John Newton, Bex Huff and others in the meantime will participate since they are closer.

  • Back in the High Life
    It is a wonderful thing to see Todd Biske back in the corporate world. I know that MomentumSI is a wonderful firm but in all reality, there is a subtle difference in providing enterprise architecture services than in being an Enterprise Architect. I hope his new employer is one that allows for open communication amongst their employees and that he has a boss that is not only a strong technical leader but also patriotic.

  • Making your blog China Proof
    Are you curious to know if your blog is censored in China?

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