Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Links for 2007-09-11

  • Bank of Baroda to open branch in Trinidad and Tobago
    Bank of Baroda is the fifth largest bank in India and is planning on opening shop in four countries including Trinidad and Tobago.

  • O'Reilly Calls for Participation
    I am disappointed in Phil Windley for posting something so thinly veiled. Tim O'Reilly doesn't actually care if you participate but he does care if you send him a check

  • ZFS Rules
    The folks over at Sun have created a wonderful file system for Solaris. I am curious though if they believe that file systems should be understand by all operating systems and what they think their next action item is in this regard. For example, Linux can mount an NTFS partition while Solaris can understand the FAT file system and so on. Should Sun be working on ports of ZFS to Windows and Linux?

  • Why is Enterprise Architecture becoming the next big thing?
    Anything that enables the strategic intent of the business through technology will of course become big. The only thing that will cause EA to fall off the cliff is the lack of strong technical leadership, substituting process for competence, outsourcing important research to industry analyst firms you should be doing yourself, stupidity of IT executives who may get the idea to outsource strategy and falling for the thinly veiled sales pitches of software vendors who tell you about their wonderful architectures but really should be telling you something else?

  • Agile Career: SOA Senior Mentor
    It is a good thing to post good job opportunities in the blogosphere especially ones that have the potential to advance the SOA agenda. Personally, I love the idea of public speaking but hate the idea of doing training. Speaking in audiences periodically is fulfilling while having to do so every day would feel a lot like work

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