Sunday, September 09, 2007


Links for 2007-09-09

  • Does IT Hate Itself?
    Why do us IT folks continue to systematically devalue personal contribution and self-worth? Why do we listen raptly to vendor sermons and empty our wallets into their collection plates?

  • Call for more EA collaboration
    There are several topics that I would love to hear other enterprise architects share their opinion about including but not limited to: the value proposition of ECM, which industry analyst firms they respect and why, reasons why we still procure insecure software and what does it take for us to get our enterprises to participate in the open source community

  • Agile 2007 Conference
    Ever notice that pretty much every speaker at an agile conference is either employed by a consulting firm or software vendor? Do you think that this may be an opportunity for thinly veiled sales pitches to emerge?

  • You have to be monitored
    Bet you don't know what George Bush and John Edwards have in common?

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