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Links for 2007-09-08

  • Where does ECM go from here?
    Noted industry analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe describes the relationship between ECM and storage. One can envision that an ECM platform would consume lots of storage. Likewise, one could also envision wanting to use it in the most efficient way possible to keep costs down. This would lead to asking the question of better practices around compression and de-duplication in the ECM domain. While building compression into an ECM platform is relatively straightforward where we leverage some deviant of the LZW algorithm, de-duplication not only across documents when they hash the same (file system level) but within the document chunks across documents should be part of the next conversation ECM folks should have. I am of the belief that the folks over at Stellent may already be working on this gaining a fast lead over Documentum, Alfresco, Nuxeo and Filenet in this regard.

  • SOA: How long will we talk about it?
    My very first industry presentation on SOA was in 2002 and I am still getting requests to speak on this same topic in 2007. The funny thing is that I haven't needed to update my Powerpoint as folks still aren't ready for more advanced concepts

  • Does your application support ADAM
    Jackson Shaw provided insight into how ADAM is being used within enterprise settings. As I understand you will not hear BMC, Sun, CA or Oracle specifically say that their identity management tools support ADAM and they will use an abstract term such as we support anything that is LDAP v3 compliant. Of course they can't tell you why ADAM isn't

  • How to make a PowerPoint chart
    If there were ever one skill that Enterprise Architects needed to master it would be the creation of better PowerPoint. Many of us are horrific in terms of presentation to the point that Indian outsourcing firms can match our abilities. Have you ever seen PowerPoint done by folks at Accenture and McKinsey? They know what they are doing...

  • Roles - What 'bout it?
    Shekhar Jha comments on the emerging extension to the otherwise boring conversation of identity management. I wonder if Jeff Bohren or Mark Dixon have any thoughts on NIST?

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