Friday, September 07, 2007


Links for 2007-09-07

  • Book Review: SOA
    Laurence Hart gains an appreciation for SOA and ECM. I wonder if him and Bex Huff agree that string_1 in WSDL is unintuitive while looking at a prior presentation from Craig Randall that web services should be stateless and the notion of a sessionID is fugly?

  • Even Analysts Face Open Source Questions
    Geva Perry has a wonderful perspective on Gartner in the believe that there is a fierce internal debate going on at Gartner about the question of blogging where the competent analyst argue for blogging; and the rest are against it. James Governor believes that it may be because they are simply too busy which is a curious statement because one could assume that Redmonk isn't as busy as Gartner which simply isn't true and therefore the real reason resides elsewhere...

  • Software Engineering
    Here is the job description for a mission-critical enterprise application where absolutely zero years of experience is required to be a software engineer. I wonder what kind of voodoo they practice?

  • Why hard coding entitlements is bad
    Here is a great blog entry that I would love for Bex Huff, Jeff Bohren and others should noodle within their own respective domains

  • IDM vendors not supporting Exchange 2007
    Jackson Shaw comments on something that enterprise folks should pay attention to in the world of identity management. Maybe Mark Dixon and Nishant Kaushik could chime in and provide their own perspective? I wonder how many vendors support Microsoft ADAM and OpenLDAP?

  • EMC making some moves
    I wonder if Laurence Hart understands that many software vendors steal the best talent from the consulting ranks especially if the consulting firm has horrific bench policies, doesn't pay top dollar or even provide opportunities for growth by allowing folks to attend conference and taking training courses. Anyway, the pattern you describe has been happening at other firms in the world of ECM and you may be well-served by networking with them and speaking as a unified voice than a lone voice in the blogosphere

  • Master Foo defines enterprise architecture
    It is sad that many folks in the enterprise architecture domain behave in this manner.

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