Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Links for 2007-09-05

  • Portals and IdP Discovery
    Conor Cahill responds to a question that unfortunately I didn't ask. If I did ask Conor a question, it would be some insight into when Project Liberty will start paying attention to XACML?

  • Is open-source software support better than closed-source software support?
    Open source companies sell closed source extensions because “they’re trying to give the customer a convenient reason to purchase even when support won’t trigger a purchase decision. It’s not a model that I like, but it’s one that I can understand I wonder if Matt Asay understands it because at some level he encourages this model to be propogated amongst the community? I wonder what his thoughts are on the model used by Liferay which makes money as well as doesn't hold back access to source code?

  • Growth through reaching the participation fringe
    Industry Analyst Alex Fletcher asks an interesting question as to why the non-paying user is vital to the success of open source. My general thought is that us enterprise types are many times constrained by restrictive media relations policies of our employers which removes our ability to talk about software vendors we spend money with. Remove the money aspects and the constraint of viral marketing also gets removed.

  • Sun in Gartner's Leader's Quadrant
    I wonder if Mark Dixon understands that Gartner uses the word leader in a different way than most folks. It is a predictor that you lead in the amount of monies paid to Gartner as there are zero open source products in any section of the quadrant. Likewise, leadership in the market also has a non-financial dimension like setting standards, evangelism of things to non-Sun products to incorporate SPML and so on

  • Philippines Catching up with India in the Outsourcing Industry
    I suspect that in three years, India will lose so much marketshare due to suboptimal delivery that Philippines, China and Brazil will take the dominate spot

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