Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Links for 2007-09-04

  • Litigation: Sun vs Azul Systems
    It is good to see that lawyers from Sun are also blogging. The use of lawsuits to protect intellectual property is further on the rise and it is good to see that it should be avoided at all costs

  • Freedom of Less Information Act
    David Weinberger got it right by calling out how George Bush and the Republicans are eroding the freedoms of Americans

  • Employers crack down on facebook addicts
    I reserve the right to disagree James Governor on the subject of whether employees should have personal areas for viewing content. The problem is that if folks were to view my previous blog entries on BPM which features photos of Bob from Accounting, the lawsuits could still occur regardless of location within the campus. Work is exactly that. If you need to view offensive content within a work context, then there should be special procedures.

  • ON the Role of "role mining" in Enterprises
    I really hate stealth blog entries that don't talk about why and where role mining activities fail. In fact, I would love it if somewhere were to blog a comparison of starting with role mining vs starting with entitlements management and let the coins fall where they may

  • NIST Web Services Security Guide
    It is a good read for Enterprise Architects going down the path of SOA who want security built-in. I suspect that none of the ECM vendors will read it though.

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