Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Even more thoughts on Records Management

Responding to the most thoughtful post of Jesse Wilkins...

As stated, I am going on what I have learned from others which leads me to believe that there is no common definition for what even comprises records management.

I would love to understand why this is any different than simply placing Access Control Lists on stuff stored in Documentum, Alfresco, Nuxeo or Stellent?

Jesse only mentioned the big enterprisey guys and didn't mention open source players such as Nuxeo or even pseudo open source players such as Alfresco. I wonder if he is pro or con towards open source?

You are now crossing into a space that security folks understand which is the notion of retention policies. I would argue though that enterprises keep too much information and need to start figuring out how to delete things to make the need for records management go away.

For folks who will get it twisted, I didn't say that this was the priority of my organization or am I recommending anyone else to think about it this way. I am merely stating what it in terms of the priority of my particular agenda.

Is anyone on the agenda going to talk about interoperability between records management systems? Any conversations about creating open source to solve the challenges in the records management space? Will there be conversations solely focused on those who are somewhat indoctrinated and otherwise insular or will the conversation be more focused on those outsiders such as myself where we can figure out how to incorporate it into enterprise architecture?

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