Sunday, August 19, 2007


Vacation in Providence

Spent the weekend in Providence and would encourage others to visit this fine city. I stayed at the Providence Marriott Downtown and paid $48 a night via Priceline. Hotels in Providence are expensive during the week as they attract the business crowd but get cheap on Friday nights. I learned that I could have went as low as $44 and still won the bid.

If you are downtown, visit the historic Arcade as there is a bakery in there that is of very high quality and cheap. You can get three chocolate covered strawberries for $2.50 where one would cost you $7 at Godiva and it is of the same quality. Likewise, if you are a mall rat, the food court in Providence Place is good. I had Chinese food where they didn't use that fake second scoop tactic you find in other locations and the plate was filled. My son and I shared so as to not waste.

My two sons especially enjoyed both the Children's Museum as well as the Roger Williams Zoo. Of course their favorite part of our long weekend was vacationing in the pool where they both demonstrated their ability to swim for the first time without daddy-o holding them.

This weekend made me realize that the elusive work/life balance has been slipping away and I have to work hard to bring it back into alignment...

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