Friday, August 24, 2007


Thoughts on Forrester

Barbara French of Tekrati commented on several practices of Forrester related to readership of analyst relations blogs and how they are keeping this data for internal usage only and not publishing.

Maybe Forrester has plans to release the survey information but wants to turn those who sell analyst relations services into customers of Forrester by requiring them to purchase the information like the rest of the world has to purchase analyst research?

Maybe they have figured out that having a middle-man of sorts is bad for business as analyst relations firms may be encouraging their clients to stop paying the analyst tax and start demanding value and therefore it is in the best interest for them to figure out internally ways to displace analyst relations firms.

Maybe they are keeping the data secret because they haven't captured the right demographic and may have made assumptions that only software vendors read analyst relations blogs and folks such as myself aren't counted in the results.

Maybe Forrester wants to start a new business practice where they help software firms directly interact with not only themselves but also Gartner, Burton Group, Nemertes, ZapThink, Entiva and Redmonk and play both sides of the coin.

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