Thursday, August 23, 2007


Spirituality and Corporate America

At first glance it is tempting to conclude that people in large parts of the developed world have become less religious...

Tomorrow, I am off to Long Island for a long weekend. On the way home I started to think about how I am blessed to not only be surrounded by some of the most wonderful technologists in existence, but also some of the most spiritual.

In a world where corporate scandals have been thrust into the spotlight and ethics seem to have taken a back seat to the bottom line. enterprise architecture has the ability to not only align IT with the business but to align those in IT with spirituality. Enterprise architecture is so commonly discussed in terms of processes where its real value is in terms of transforming others to be keepers of the flame.

Only genuine, long-lasting success in IT in general and enterprise architecture in specific, can only be won through integrity and service to others. The funny thing is that there are lots of books, articles and conferences that teach enterprises how to increase their market share and shareholder equity but very few if any engage on a course of sustained appreciable growth by thoughtful examination of successful organizations who have withstood the test of time.

In my own management experience I find that it is much easier to gain acceptance for my theories or “beliefs” than it is to get critical, analytical views. It seems to be easier to believe than to think and analyze. Spirituality like enterprise architecture requires one to not pursue hard facts because they may not be known upfront. Spirituality like enterprise architecture sometimes requires you to put your trust into others even when on the surface they don't appear aligned with your own goals.

While my own spirituality is centered on the belief in one God, I know that what makes not only me successful, but others around me equally successful in a sustainable way is our spirituality, no matter at work or at home...

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