Sunday, August 12, 2007


A Single Strand of Pearls

Have you noticed a trend in corporate America where women in IT who want to rise the ladder are wearing a single strand of pearls?

While discussing the notion of architecture and design patterns, several male architects after-work were noticing a group of individuals who work for a large consulting firm. We noticed that partners no longer wear suits when they meet with clients and instead adapt to the culture of their client. We also noticed though that the women in the crowd seemed to be less dressed down than men.

We observed the behavior in the women and concluded that those who wanted to be partner typically wore a single strand of white pearls while those who wanted to remain technical dressed like the rest of the crowd. I wonder if this pattern also holds true in terms of Indian outsourcing firms? I am personally curious if these women are spending their own monies on this form of jewelry or are they stealing from their grandmothers?

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