Monday, August 27, 2007


Reflecting on my own career...

Figured I would share characteristics of both good and bad experiences in my career...

During the good parts of my career, project management was just part of what management was and what managers did. The person who did project management (the boss) was responsible for what was being done, how well it was being done, how fast it was being done, and making sure everyone (staff and upper management) was happy.

The bad parts of my career where when the boss was no longer focused on the delivery of software and the role changed more towards relationship management and HR tasks. The ripple effect also caused the hiring of project managers who didn't either know anything about technology nor really about how to manage an IT project.

During the very best part of my career, I was in a leaderless team. One of us was really good at coding, and did most of it. One of us was very good at project management, and did most of it.

During the worse parts of my career, I stepped in the leadership. I had to deal with management by magazine, architecture via PowerPoint and perception management over management of the delivery of high quality valuable working software to meet business need.

I have been in IT for over twenty years now and probably have another twenty to go. I dread the thought that IT is going in the toilet and hope that the former glory days can return...

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