Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Outstanding Questions on Entitlements Management

I understand the value proposition of entitlements management and encourage enterprise architects that participate in the blogosphere to pay attention to this space as they have been sold a big heaping, smoking pile of XXX from those who still hype traditional identity management software. There are a few questions that I don't know the answer to and hope others can provide insight...

I figure I will limit my questions to three and only three...

  • I keep asking myself about when will non-security software vendors start incorporating XACML PEP into their products. I know first-hand that ECM and BPM vendors have heard this requirement from multiple enterprises and still refuse to make any forward progress on it. I suspect that we will figure out the meaning of life, where in the world is Carmen San Diego and how to convert lead to gold before John Newton, Craig Randall, Billy Cripe, Ismael Ghalimi and Kapil Pant even spend one iota of time thinking about anything related to its value proposition. What needs to happen to get non-security vendors to pay attention to security concerns other than the cliche answer of customers need to ask for it as I think you know they are?

  • Gerry Gebel of the Burton Group and a few folks over at Forrester understand entitlements management but the rest of the industry analysts on the planet for the most part are clueless and are still hyping overpriced, underperforming identity management 1.0. What does it take for other analysts to understand that identity management in terms of provisioning-oriented is filled with gaps and to more importantly start telling other customers about it?

  • You can probably appreciate that there is very little innovation in the marketplace unless you distort the meaning of the word. It still seems as if Microsoft causes everyone to follow them and are the only ones that can make the notion of entitlements management bigger but it seems as if they don't have their eyes on the ball. What do you think it would take for Kim Cameron and Mike Jones to figure out how to incorporate the notion of entitlements into CardSpace 2.0 along with the folks on the SQL Server team to noodle how the semantics of entitlements could potentially even replace grant/revoke constructs within relational databases? I even believe that entitlements management should consume/replace the existing notion of IRM as hyped by ECM vendors, but do understand that is in the future.

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