Thursday, August 16, 2007


More Links for 2007-08-16

  • Digital Identity
    I sure hope this blogger comments on his experiences using the WSO2 Identity Solution as I am going down the same path. Maybe we can trade notes?

  • 15 Ways to be a good boss
    I bet you already know that none of them involve CMM, Outsourcing, perception management or any form of process, but they do all require you to remember to be human

  • Reverse Engineering of Software
    Sometimes this is required when you outsource software development to India and need to understand low quality code

  • Open XML e-Book
    I suggest downloading this book as it is a winner

  • ERPs Troubled Legacy
    I am normally not a Nicholas Carr fan but I do support his amplification of The trouble with Enterprise Software
    . Now if he could only talk about spending lots of money for insecure software, he would immediately convert me to a member of his fan club.

  • 10 Really Good Reasons to become a Female in IT!
    While IT is surely male dominated, too many of us men act as if we wear skirts and fear that others may want to pull them down.

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