Monday, August 13, 2007


More Links for 2007-08-13

  • Man sues McDonalds for $10 million because they didn't hold the cheese
    First spilled coffee then supersizing. I suspect that the next suit will be from someone who orders a chicken sandwich and sues because it isn't kosher.

  • Service Level Automation in the Datacenter
    No, i is not ironic that India doesn't understand infrastructure as it is a different skill than software development. You can't throw thousands of bodies at data centers but you can at software and therefore India thrives.

  • Ask Redmonk: Zimbra Thoughts
    Stephen O'Grady shares a wonderful perspective on outsourced email but didn't comment on whether the platform was more or less secure than its competition...

  • Carl Rove Resigns
    A great day in America. Thanks Joe Lieberman

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