Friday, August 10, 2007


More Links for 2007-08-10

  • Bell Curve Compensation
    Does your organization embrace this evil pattern?

  • Disillusioned with the current definition of ECM
    Maybe you should ask yourself why hasn't the industry analyst community attempted to rationalize the definition? Maybe they don't want to call out certain vendors and their lack of a real strategy and instead simply let them react to customer demand?

  • Top 10 Reasons why BPM will fail
    The funny thing is that it never really succeeded anywhere unless you twist the definition of success. I defy anyone to find a truly enterprise-wide deployment of BPM where it is running hundreds of mission-critical processes. The BPM engines as they are currently designed, simply can't accomplish what a talented Java developer can do. Folks such as Bruce Silver need to help others understand that it sometimes better to avoid BPM and simply write an enterprise application using languages you are already familiar with

  • Bureaucracy and its impact on EA
    I admire Andy Blumenthal and his user-centric views on enterprise architecture but at the end of the day, he works for the Federal Government where the clowns over at the OMB will think that EA is simply about comprehensive documentation and the Zachman diagrams and nothing more...

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