Monday, August 06, 2007


More Links for 2007-08-06

  • Consulting Opportunity: Security Architects
    It is amazing that even consulting firms don't have resources in the security space of mediocre quality

  • Would you employ him?
    Here is an interesting link that you should send to your boss!

  • Fun with EMC Support Forum Titles
    Good to see Laurence Hart helping others. I wonder if he does so more than the Documentum product managers?

  • Most IT projects fail. Will yours?
    I wonder if the folks over at the Standish Group have any predictions as to whether projects that are offshored to places such as India fail at a greater rate than those done in America?

  • LDAP via IAPI
    I wonder why would anyone want to use an ECM product to create LDAP config objects. This feels like fugly product architecture

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