Tuesday, August 21, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-21

  • The Year of ESB-ability
    One of the more thoughtful postings on ESB I have read in a long time. Sometimes folks shortcut the conversation by mentioning standards such as SPML, SAML and XACML when they are referring to missing capability that products need. Likewise, if they describe the capability without mentioning the standard then vendors will of course implement it in a non-standards way causing interoperability concerns...

  • Most enterprise SOA deployments fail to deliver ROI
    I wonder if Mike Kavis understands why SOA shouldn't be sold

  • ECM and tales of horrific web services
    Should industry analysts who cover enterprise content management look deeper into the WSDL being hyped by vendors?

  • An Open Technology Manifesto
    This feels like something that James Governor would strongly advocate

  • OpenID and Stronger AuthN
    I wonder if Jeff Bohren thinks OpenID could be made stronger if they were to also noodle AuthZ

  • Content aware access control
    Marco is asking the right questions but isn't taking the right steps. Maybe he should direct specific questions at Brian Huff, Craig Randall and John Newton to understand how content from a product perspective could become aware of external access controls. Lets see if we can move the discussion away from simply conceptual to something that turns into an action item for software vendors to address in upcoming releases

  • Gilbane Boston Conference
    This is a must attend conference if you want to learn all about Enterprise Content Management, how to deploy over-hyped poorly formed ECM Web Services and products that don't align with enterprise security. For speakers, you also get the opportunity to listen to thinly veiled sales pitches from vendors and of course a healthy dose of industry analysts. Please ignore the fact that there are no customers presenting any case studies.

  • Infrastructure Architect
    I haven't ran across much discussion in the blogosphere regarding the role of Infrastructure Architect and would love to hear the opinion of others. The funny thing about this posting is that pretty much everyone I know of that has this title/position has a salary range of $75K to $90K so their range is somewhat low

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