Sunday, August 19, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-19

  • Identity 2.0 is insecure?
    Dick Hardt curiously avoids talking about other aspects of security that exist in the digital world such as whether the identity provider and relying party write secure code? While in the physical world, I can't pretend I am a dick, I can in the blogosphere and the only thing that mitigates this not just the focus on the protocols and specifications but careful inspection of the implementation

  • Closed is still closed
    Alex Barnett and Kim Cameron discuss user-centric approaches and use the typical facebook, myspace and other consumerish examples. I wonder if folks where to use examples such as Doctor and Pharmacy or Investment Advisor and Clearing Firm would their thinking still hold true?

  • Annoying little things with Documentum
    Sumanth Molakala comments on problems he faces using Documentum. Sure, all software regardless of it being proprietary closed source or not suffers from defects. The real issue is whether the vendor helps you address those issues in a timely manner. While I know that Craig Randall has exercised his right to remain silent in terms of security, I surely expect he will promptly step up to figuring out workarounds to many of the problems you face.

  • Analyzing the role of Business Analyst
    I am somewhat tired of hearing about the role of a business analyst and all the process-oriented thinking and instead would appreciate a discussion on the characteristics of a good business analyst and how to tell them apart from the mediocre ones.

  • India: One of the fastest growing wireless market
    I hope that the trend of mindless conversations in the supermarket don't occur in India like they do in the US

  • Does APM reduce cost? That depends
    The notion of rationalization is something on the tongues of IT executives nowadays. I wonder though if Nick Malik when describing catalogs believes that APM is better solved by Enterprise Architecture Tools, CMDB, some hybrid or something not yet invented

  • Enterprise Architecture: Ask lots of questions?
    I wonder if Andrew Blumenthal has ever asked the folks over at the OMB to quantify the value of mandating use of Zachman and whether federal agencies should do something different?

  • Why enterprise architecture endeavors fail - discussion around culture
    I wonder if systemic faults occur by using process as a substitute for competence and not understanding the difference between leadership and management?

  • Selling SOA
    Mike Kavis is wrong in terms of his perspective. I guess what is missing from the discussion is the need to sell vs whether the business trusts you in the first place. If there is no trust, then pull out the powerpoint and let the selling start.

  • Are Catholics Charitable
    It takes a strong belief in God to contribute to charities that wish to increase the worship of God but under a different banner

  • ECM: Centralized or Distributed?
    Noted Industry Analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe comments on Federated BPM and it definitely worth a read. I am curious though whether he believes that true federated ECM depends on Federated identity or is the definition of federation used within the world of ECM nowadays sufficient?

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