Friday, August 31, 2007


Links for 2007-08-31

  • Project Management is Dead
    I wonder if it ever saw any life within the walls of many enterprises

  • Influencers are people, not groups
    Good to see that Duncan Brown is keeping the folks over at Gartner honest in their dialog

  • XQuery and Gartner
    Dave Kellogg of MarkLogic comments on the usage of XQuery. I wonder what Bex Huff, Luis Sala, Craig Randall and Laurence Hart think of replacing their proprietary document query languages with XQuery or at least something that is standards based?

  • Does your application support Active Directory?
    Jackson Shaw asks the most wonderful question of software vendors. The funny thing is that he should have also asked this about ADAM. Do you know how many identity managements support Active Directory but not specifically ADAM? Likewise, many of the ECM vendors will say that they support Active Directory but for authentication. They will of course require you to copy the user store locally which is fugly. The real question is why aren't software vendors writing better directory-enabled code? Us customers desire it and many of us demand it yet it still doesn't happen...

  • Online Fundraising for everybody
    Great way for bloggers to promote their ideas

  • 10 Blogs to read to get smart on open source
    I would also add Alex Fletcher's blog to this list. Likewise, if you need to read about an enterprise perspective on open source, you have come to the right place

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