Thursday, August 30, 2007


Links for 2007-08-30

  • Why Proprietary Vendors won't open their code?
    John nailed it by leading with the statement:They might be embarrassed by their code. I know that this is certainly the case in the world of ECM.

  • ECM and Web Services
    Laurence is not the only one who dreams of a standard ECM Web Services definition. The question though is who is best positioned to step up and make this happen across the industry? Do you believe that Bex Huff will lead and Craig Randall will follow, vice versa or they will both continue down their own independent path of insular thinking and not collaborate?

  • New ideas in password management
    I wonder if Nishant has ever thought about why password management as he outlined is a bad idea? What if you could get enterprises to consolidate all user stores down to Active Directory so that its all in one place instead of attempting to manage it via an identity management tool. What if you were to also figure out how Microsoft should build the checkin/checkout capability directly into Active Directory as this shouldn't be yet another product?

  • Preferences and Entitlements
    Shekar Jha is brilliant. I wonder if his thinking could positively influence Kim Cameron and Mike Jones to consider his thoughts as part of CardSpace 2.0?

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