Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Links for 2007-08-29

  • 4th anniversary of war in Iraq
    It is interesting to meet other blogs after work and understand that we have much in common on many levels

  • Fixing LDAP Group Membership
    It is interesting at some level that in order to become an expert in ECM, you have to understand how to game LDAP. This architecture is fugly and I hope that Craig Randall has thoughts on how this will improve in future versions. Laurence, while I can't speak for Bex, I can say that I won't be laughing as this is more sad than funny

  • Women and Agile Development
    I am not sure how us guys should react to such articles. If women call out the need for IT to diversify, should minorities of other ethnic groups do the same? If all the IT jobs go over to India, don't you think that folks who are American Indian, Hispanic or Black will also miss out on the same opportunities regardless of gender?

  • 45 Excellent Blog Designs
    Glad to see that 0.0% of the designs where on blogs that use typepad. Blogger in my humble opinion has less features but otherwise is a better platform

  • In support of non-stop software
    While we acknowledge that software should never crash nor ever need to be restarted, without an accompanying conversation around economics this discussion is futile

  • Advancing RSS
    I am curious why someone is sizing their own effort to get an entitlements engine integrated with Documentum as a good thing? If software comes from the same vendor, shouldn't you simply ask the vendor to make it happen? Such integration should be out of the box...

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