Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Links for 2007-08-28

  • Mandatory deportation has illegals on the run
    Finally a state government that has courage to do the right thing. Maybe I can get folks in Connecticut to standup

  • Teaching IT to sell
    I agree that IT needs to improve how it sells but more importantly it also needs to figure out when to stop selling as overselling is almost always worst than selling at all

  • ACEGI Security Extensions Project
    This feels like an opportunity to combine ACEGI with XACML which would provide the ability to define security policies centrally for enterprise applications

  • The Role of the Project Manager
    Is the role of the project manager to personify constraints and pressures? I suspect that some project management types have been soaking for too long in the way of the stick, and as such their mere presence on a project has a negative impact on productivity and the ability of key people to get the keys into the ignition.

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