Monday, August 27, 2007


Links for 2007-08-27

  • Bookstores Begin Slow Descent into Obsolescence
    How ironic is it to be looking for a book about social networking and dynamic connectedness in a static bookstore with finite shelf space?

  • The ECM WSDL Discussion Leading to More
    Laurence Hart is thoughtfully tracking the discussion in the blogosphere regarding ECM and SOA. I really hope that Nick Patience, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Craig Randall and others join in.

  • Location and Calendar Sharing
    Another blogger feels to pain of calendar interoperability

  • Ways to make employees quit
    I am surprised that others haven't commented on this posting

  • SOA Trough of Disillusionment
    Industry Analyst Brenda Michelson is glad that other analyst firms are ringing the death knell for SOA, so that they can focus on the real value. Does this also mean that analysts will no longer do case studies on those who have successfully implemented SOA?

  • Relationships and Authorization
    I think but am not sure that Conor and I are on the same page. My previous example supports the notion that I can centrally declare what authorization policies I desire and Amica can enforce them whenever there is access to the resource. In the same way that folks in the identity world separate the notion of identity provider from relying party, the same thing can happen with authorization. There is a place where policies are declared and a place where they are enforced.

  • The Role of the Technical Lead
    I wonder if Enterprise Architects are really this bad/incompetent in practice? I wonder what others think about the pendulum swinging towards IT executives not even having an IT background?

  • Five Pitfalls with Enterprise Architecture Review Boards
    Andy Blumenthal needs to send his federal peers to our shop to see how we have mastery over the issues presented. When will the Federal enterprise architects figure out that they can learn something from their corporate counterparts?

  • Corporations demand better cybersecurity
    This article should have also mentioned that while corporations are demanding, software vendors aren't providing. Have you ever heard of a single ECM vendor talk about how secure their product is? How they support SAML? How they have adopted secure coding practices?

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