Friday, August 24, 2007


Links for 2007-08-24

  • Dojo Ajax Toolkit
    The latest version of the toolkit has just been released into the wild.

  • The problem(s) with OpenID
    Stefan Brands comments on security issues with OpenID. I wonder if he has analyzed CardSpace as well?

  • Casual Tone is the Real Reward
    Most thoughtful industry analyst Michael Cote of Remonk comments that folks are starting to accept the casual tone of communication and that is the reason why the blogosphere continues to grow. I prefer the phrase of the human voice as folks are somewhat turned off by the humorless monotone your call is important to us babble released by corporate media relations departments and desire to talk to someone who wants to have a conversation and not read a press release

  • Sun Microsystems to change stock ticker to Java
    Maybe they should have been more thoughtful and chose RUBY as the new symbol.

  • Who owns a relationship?
    Bex Huff normally lives in the world of ECM but has been thinking heavily about identity management. I would love for this to rub off on other ECM folks. Anyway, the notion of relationship is something that belongs to the identity provider and entities such as the Liberty Alliance are defining standards around it. Check out their notion of the people service. The key though is that relationships sometimes require authorization. For example, just because my son can order an insurance card from Amica doesn't mean he is also allowed to cancel the policy for the entire family. Relationship needs authorization especially in domains having to do with medical interactions.

  • Kayaking in Trinidad and Tobago
    The Nariva River in Manzanilla is a great place to visit. If you haven't been to Trinidad for Carnival, you should

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