Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Links for 2007-08-22

  • Ruby on the Rise in Brazil
    I wonder why others haven't taken notice that Brazil is a better destination for technology outsourcing than India? The ability to stay current is one predictor of success

  • Tactics always beat Strategy
    I am happy to see an architect from the insurance vertical join the blogosphere. Welcome Jaap and I look forward to many healthy dialogs

  • ECM and Universal WSDL
    Brian Huff got it somewhat twisted due to my calling out patterns across vendors and not enumerating them on a per-vendor basis. Brian, don't worry as we are on the same page and agree on more things that appears on the surface. I was simply commenting on the horrific WSDL at large that exists. Some of the WSDL I have seen in the world of ECM feels more like a weakly defined upgrade path where they took their suboptimal query languages and proprietary APIs and simply wrapped them without any thought about doing it the right way of WSDL first. We both agree that arg0 is fugly but it is even worse as I held back and didn't comment on the simple opportunity to enumerate all possible values that could be passed as schema does support the notion of xsd:choice. Even worse is when you run across namespaces that read exactly like the underlying java classes. Let me say that standard WSDL in the ECM domain isn't possible until vendors at least figure out a standard query language to handle all the semantics you mentioned.

  • Infosys Programmer Analysts
    I was thinking about applying as a fresher. Do you think they would pay me a lot?

  • SOA India
    Good to see that folks in India were at least smart enough to invite Todd Biske but not smart enough to pick up his travel expenses. Travelling internationally can cost several thousand dollars but the investment to companies such as Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and others is order of magnitudes better than attempting to figure it out by googling his blog

  • Is ITToolbox Really worth $58.9 million?
    The answer is yes as bloggers were rewarded for how much traffic they drove to the site. When I blogged on this platform, they use to reward me $200 to $400 a month. Maybe the compensation should have been a lot higher

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