Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Links for 2007-08-21

  • When's an architect not an architect?
    Matt Deacon talks about the notion of certification while not noodling the notion of who is participating in the creation of the exams. If only government folks and their kick-back oriented consulting firms and software vendors are participants without at least some participation from the Fortune 100 enterprises whose primary business is not software then none of these certifications will have any integrity behind them. It will in turn become more like an entrance exam to do business with the government and anything that proves ability.

  • The Year of ESB-ability
    I am still wondering exactly what it will take for analysts who cover the ESB space to start asking difficult questions regarding enterprise security considerations?

  • SOA India 2007
    While they did a great thing by choosing Jason Bloomberg of ZapThink, they should have also lined up Ashish Jain of PingIdentity, Mark Little of JBoss, Oliver Sims, Peter Herzum and Todd Biske as speakers. I wouldn't mind speaking there in 2008, if they would like for me to discuss enterprise security considerations

  • Business Doesn't ask for utility computing either
    Service level automation in the data center is another topic that should be deeply discussed. I wonder what this blogger's thoughts are on Azul Systems?

  • SOA Talent is Key
    I wonder if the Federal Government would be better served by creating certifications around the notion of SOA architects and not focus on Enterprise Architecture which varies depending on whom employs you?

  • 16 Reasons why blogs are good
    One of the more thoughtful listings of why blogging is worthy of action for employees of large enterprises that I have seen in a long time.

  • Invisible Employees and Transparent Decision Services
    Most industry analyst firms are negligent in their coverage of the potential that business rules approaches can bring. Maybe this is partially the fault of those within this space by letting process-oriented folks speak at conferences instead of talking about more important aspects such as the notion of business rules architecture

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