Sunday, August 19, 2007


Links for 2007-08-19

  • CardSpace and Workflow
    Marc Mercuri identified: here is an opportunity for someone/some group to identify some of the more common patterns and then to implement and make available those patterns in the form of binaries or services. I would like to extend this thought two steps further. First, as a book author I believe that the notion of workflow patterns would make a great topic for an upcoming book and all that it needs is a few good co-authors. Second, It does speak to various hooks that need to be in the code base of relying parties. The problem is that Google, WSO2 and even the web access management vendors such as BMC, CA, IBM, Oblix and others are stopping short in terms of enabling these solutions. Minimally, industry analysts such as Gerry Gebel of the Burton Group will hopefully acknowledge a relationship between relying parties and workflow. Of course this crosses the Burton Group stovepipes and therefore may fall on deaf ears.

  • Why bloggers will change the world and how you can help
    Bloggers such as Guy Kawasaki will surely change the world but only if you view it through financial lenses. If you however consider the human aspects of technology and helping the poor lift themselves then Guy, Michael Arrington, Pete Cashmore,Beppe Grillo, Seth Godin, Darren Rowse, John Amato, Arriana Huffington and Kathy Sierra will continue to exercise their right to remain silent.

  • Tighter Budgets means more Open Source
    I find it intriguing when Enterprise Architects when discussing open source always talk about Linux especially when switching has such a minor impact to what they are supposed to manage? Should'nt they be discussing open source projects that are higher up the stack like CRM systems or Enterprise Content Management? Hopefully we can all acknowledge that the average enterprise has shelled out more money on ECM and cRM platforms than they have operating systems?

  • Open Source Leaving Asia Behind
    The open source community risks leaving Asian users and developers behind, thanks to cultural differences and western business's tendency to treat programmers there as code monkeys rather than software designers. I wonder though if folks from Wipro, TCS and other India Outsourcing firms should figure out ways to contribute without waiting for their clients to ask / support?

  • Cost of Living vs Salary Wages
    None of the presidential candidates have addressed the most important crucial issue in America and that is our economy. The serious rise in the cost of living and the reduction in salaries combined with a limited job market resulting from outsourcing of American jobs needs to be discussed

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