Sunday, August 19, 2007


Links for 2007-08-18

  • Gnocchi Pomodoro
    The most frustrating thing is when folks ask me whether Trinidad food is the same as Jamaica. After all, it is all the Caribbean. Maybe I should start asking folks whether Japan food is the same as Chinese or India food the same as Pakistan. If you want to expand your mental and cultural horizons, check out her recipes

  • Federated Provisioning
    I would love the opinion of those in the identity management domain and their thoughts on the third bullet which suggests the need to simulate vs embrace standards?

  • The License doesn't matter
    Nothing could be further from the truth. Enterprises do care about licenses above and beyond GPL. The issue is that enterprises prefer some over others but may not go on record stating them. Maybe folks such as Redmonk could dig into this issue a little deeper. They may even start with looking at the Documentum D6 Web Services Challenge for clues

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