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Links for 2007-08-17

  • I Am Making a Difference
    I like the sense of humor used to lure folks into paying attention to important issues. I hope this tactic brings success to those who advocate charity in the blogosphere

  • Women & Agile Development
    Glad to see Ken Schwaber acknowledge that women are smarter than men. The only statement I disagree with is that inviting more women to enterprise IT workforce would provide a better, more humane environment for all employees. I suspect that it will have a worse effect in that we will force women to go beyond their nurturing instincts and turn into corporate, process-oriented drones who outsource work to foreign lands at the expense of love thy neighbor. They will have to ignore folks who believe in the same God of American's Christian origin and have a preference where God at best is a second-class citizen in the workplace

  • Patterns for Supporting Information Cards at Web Sites
    I am still awaiting a perspective from Marc Mercuri on his thoughts of when someone presents a personal card to a relying party and it requires a workflow (Kim Cameron's blog requires a lightweight email confirmation) should the relying party integrate into BPEL or SPML and what is the best way for folks to think about this?

  • Not So OpenID
    Kim Cameron, Ashish Jain and now Jeff have commented regarding AOL's move to support OpenID. I find it curious that they haven't to date talked about why relying parties aren't as aggressive in terms of supporting this specification. If I wanted to enable my employer's various web sites with OpenID, the very first hurdle I would need to solve for is the notion of indemnification. In industries where licensing is required, the ability to have stronger levels of trust isn't just a nice feature. I do find the conversation intriguing from the perspective of the consumer and hope that OpenID can become larger than this non-paying demographic

  • Research Firms Keeping them Honest
    John Domenichini comments on Burton Group which I feel is somewhat misdirected. He would like to see transparency amongst the analyst firm customers which I 1000% support. Does he like the model that James Governor of Redmonk uses where they openly declare after each and every blog entry who is a customer? I wonder why John didn't direct this question at Gartner? Doesn't he think the magic quadrant needs this even more than the Burton Group research?

  • Two Faces of Identity as a Service
    Jonathan Penn of Forrester talks about how he covers the enterprise marketplace yet somehow conveniently ignores the fact that many enterprises may also leverage Web Access Management products such as Netegrity Siteminder, Oblix CoreID, IBM Tivoli Access Manager and others. Does he believe these vendors will step up quickly? Does he believe he should make the effort to pick up the phone and ask them? Does he think he should wait till they all announce support and then behave like a news reporter and announce it too?

  • The End of the Extranet
    Brian Huff comments on usage of Active Directory Federation Services. It is cool to see at least one ECM blogger warming up to the need for SAML. I am curious though why his Microsoft buddy didn't talk to him about the better WS-Federation protocol and how it will make the folks over at Project Liberty get it all twisted. Anyway, Brian is one of the few progressive thinking individuals in the world of ECM and I salute him for doing homework in this space. I wonder though if he could figure out how to make his actions contagious so that other bloggers who have chosen to remain silent can catch it too.

  • Why Bloggers will change the world and how you can help
    The explosion of blogs throughout the world has been the biggest phenomenon since the rise of the Internet itself. Today, more people read blogs than newspapers. I believe that simply talking about problems in an open, transparent way will cause change. The marketplace understands who is participating in the larger conversation vs those who want things to remain status quo and those folks will continue to be called out until they see the light

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