Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Links for 2007-08-15

  • The Future of SOA
    Beth Gold-Bernstein finds Dave Linthicum's statement regarding SOA fascinating. I wonder if folks who write for magazines don't understand the simple fact that enterprise architecture isn't about all those closed source products advertised in your magazines and therefore we would rather have a conversation about people and processes before we talk about tools

  • EA Won't Go Away
    I have always found Lyn Robison an intriguing person. As an analyst with Burton covering the discipline of EA, I suspect he struggles with interaction with his other peers who do nothing all day but talk about products and not the problems faced by enterprises. I wonder when Jamie Lewis will make EA its own group?

  • Evaluating good analysts
    An interesting writeup on how industry analysts from Gartner review each other. The funny thing is that analysts aren't measured on their ability to have thoughtful conversations with enterprises and only software vendors which is oxymoronic.

  • When we talk to the business, should we sell SOA?
    My answer is no. The business expects IT to always choose modern ways of constructing software. Kinda like me not having to tell the local carpenter, its OK to use a nailer and you don't have to hammer everything. When it comes to SOA, just do it!

  • The Five Phases of Maturity for Open Source Software Ecosystems
    A great maturity model for open source that I hope Raven, James and others will amplify

  • Burning Down the Architect Title
    I wonder if this blogger understand that folks who are employees of outsourcing firms in India will become upset if you eliminate the title. After all, you can become an architect in many of these firms with just a few years of experience. It also means that you can convince your non-technical clients to pay more in terms of bill rate.

  • The need for personae in social networking
    I wonder why identity bloggers such as Pamela Dingle and Nishant Kaushik haven't commented on the need for personae in enterprise settings as well. Hopefully, this is worth a blog entry or two?

  • What X-Hive means to Documentum
    Laurence Hart is one of the more thoughtful individuals in the blogosphere when it comes to ECM. I wonder though how long will it take for others to understand what security is missing from the X-Hive implementation and will others exercise their right to remain silent on this issue?

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