Monday, August 13, 2007


Links for 2007-08-13

  • Why IT Executives aren't embracing Agile
    The myth that IT managers managers stick with the safety blanket of traditional project management and planning, is the myth that Agile is just shorthand for developers who do not want to be accountable, do any planning or write any documentation simply isn't true. However, I ask you to consider the following blog entry

  • Issuing Information Cards with Workflow
    On many occasions, I have had conversations with a variety of software vendors regarding Kim Cameron and his identity blog. Some are of the belief that he is egotistical by making folks register even after presenting a self-issued card. I am of the belief that Kim Cameron did something correct and demonstrated how it will more than likely work in B2B scenarios. The one thing though is that Kim hasn't talked about the relationship between the RP and how it should invoke a workflow especially on non-Microsoft platforms. It is my thought that the potential to kick off either a SPML request to an identity management platform such as Sun, CA or Oracle is in order. Of course, it could also be accomplished via BPEL considering the act of registration isn't solely an identity construct. Hopefully, either him, Marc and/or Mike Jones can discuss this notion as part of an upcoming blog entry

  • DRM is good and necessary
    I want some of what Michael Kimsal has been smoking...

  • Do all frameworks really suck?
    I wonder if IT executives who buy them for developers in order to ensure consistency actually care about quality?

  • Enterprise Security remains a balancing act
    What if Infoworld test labs where to start looking for security vulnerabilities as part of their evaluation and published them. I suspect balance would change.

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