Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Links for 2007-08-07

  • ECM Standards
    The conversation around standards in the world of ECM has gotten quiet lately, most likely due to the lack that most vendors only want to pay it lip service. Vendors such as Stellent, Filenet, Documentum and Alfresco also avoid talking about creation of industry standards because it may expose deficiencies in how their products are built. If they exercise their right to remain silent, then they can count on enterprise architects not doing any homework and everything can stay status quo

  • Charlene Li of Forrester
    The count of folks exercising their right to remain silent is growing by leaps and bounds

  • Identity MetaSystem...or not?
    Bob Blakely seems to have stirred up noise in the blogosphere regarding what is an identity metasystem. The likes of Kim Cameron, Paul Madsen, Robin Wilton and others have debated. I wonder if they could stop arguing about bullshit and start arguing more important issues such as getting non-security applications to consume. How about discussing the merits of salesforce.com or your favorite ECM or BPM vendor to consume it

  • Outsourcing blogging may become a standard practice
    Folks in India are discussing the notion of them writing blogs. I suspect that if someone is stupid enough to outsourcing their blog then they are doomed to fail. Besides, don't folks understand that folks in India speak British English and not American English and to American's reading it, it will be apparent?

  • Becoming Smarter on SOA
    Are us enterprise architect types that incompetent?

  • Guy Kawasaki and his failure to change the world
    Yet another blogger who is exercising his right to remain silent

  • ECM, Security and the Market for Lemons
    Good to see that Brian Huff is blogging about ECM and Security. I wonder if Billy Cripe, Robin East, Chuck Hollis, Cornelia Davis and others have any additional thoughts?

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