Monday, August 06, 2007


Links for 2007-08-06

  • eXo Portal 2.0
    eXo is the number two open source portal running a distant second behind Liferay Enterprise Portal. It is still worthy of consideration by large enterprises in mission-critical production scenarios

  • How many interfaces?
    Billy Cripe suggests software vendors will continue to create whole cloth UIs since, if we don't, we are really just selling SDKs and those don't demo as well is a form of transparency not witnessed in his competitor's blog. Keep up the good work.

  • Low cost savings may trigger reverse outsourcing
    Should this be a surprise to anyone that the economics of working with folks in India over time will have a negative trend?

  • Enterprise Security
    Kudos to Justin Klutka on his new role. I hope he realizes that security roles within enterprises aren't glory positions and you have a hard but rewarding challenge ahead of you. Best wishes in convincing many of the software vendors you interact with to pay closer attention to standards such as WS-Federation. Your wisdom will fall on deaf ears especially in the ECM and BPM communities.

  • Perhaps not so much bashing...
    Feels like Project Liberty is busy concluding that it needs a similiar standard to what Cardspace already provides. I wonder though if large software vendors will actually make the effort to implement the Liberty version

  • An ECM Should Store Content, Not Users
    I wonder if Sameer Tyagi, John Newton and Craig Randall would publicly agree to this statement?

  • Wikinomics
    A thoughtful posting by Craig Randall where I especially love his quote: embracing open source should be strategic, not tactical. Surely, he agrees that there is no viable open source community around extending a closed source product such as Documentum. Maybe this is a sign that he is thinking about creating one?

  • Enterprise Architecture is not solutions architecture
    I mostly agree but in order to have a thoughtful governance approach where it isn't ceremonial, enterprise architects do need to be solution oriented.

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