Thursday, August 02, 2007


Links for 2007-08-02

  • Explaining SOA to your executive
    Maybe you might be lucky enough to be employed by an enterprise where executives don't ask

  • So What is Enterprise Architecture Again?Andy Wilmot starts of by enumerating a variety of points of which the first is framework driven. I really hate when folks get it twisted and start thinking that Zachman and TOGAF actually add value

  • Gartner reports drop in 2Q net income
    I bet the folks over at the Burton Group and Redmonk saw increasing net income! I wonder what enterprise architects who use the services of analyst firms could read into this?

  • Documentum extends open-source support
    Maybe Brian Fonseca could possibly tell us what was even the slightest bit open source about Documentum in the first place? His writeup doesn't even talk about a single thing Documentum is doing towards any form of open source software. I really wish the media would stop twisting words.

  • EMC Documentum rolls the Dice with D6
    Jason Campbell has an interesting choice of words by suggesting a bit of luck and randomness when in reality they will be wildly successful as they have a huge budget in terms of media relations, they pretty much own most industry analysts who cover ECM and folks in large enterprises aren't asking difficult questions when it comes to integrating ECM with non-ECM products

  • Gartner: Communities and the Future Worker
    Finally, one of Gartner's future predictions that actually makes sense and has the possibility of coming true. Good call

  • Recapping the Catalyst user-centric interop
    I wonder what it would take for Gerry Gebel to walk over and convince Anne Thomas Manes that she needs to consider researching vendors in her area coverage and how they will support user-centric and entitlements management approaches. Security is missing in action in terms of the APS thinking

  • Bon Voyage with Sun's Identity Management Suite
    This was the biggest fluff posting I have ever seen in a long time. Let's be truthful by acknowledging that roles are insufficient to protect resources within enterprise applications. How about talking about the distinction between application roles and enterprise roles. A little honesty won't hurt

  • Why we should publish all SSNs on the Internet
    I actually agree with this position. My social security number is: 058-60-3356

  • Quotes and Notes
    Sounds good to me...

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